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Compliance Testing Services provide a common-sense approach to evaluating product and software solutions for compliance. The Compliance Testing objective is to support, enhance and improve company’s compliance processes by providing a thorough review of compliance with the controls product vendors have put in place, supporting the achievement of major risk reduction within evaluated products.

Evaluation Type

Compliance Labs evaluation starts with the product vendor and qualified analyst to conduct the Compliance Testing according to the Compliance Testing Programs and then providing with documentation to sufficiently describe their product.

As directed by the product vendor, the Compliance Labs analyst will conduct one of two evaluation:

  • Type I – The objective of Type I Evaluation is to obtain reasonable assurance about whether the accompanying product documentation presents fairly, in all material respects, the aspects of the product controls that may be relevant or support regulatory requirements or best practices as it relates to Compliance Testing Programs. Type I Evaluation also examine weather controls included in the product documentation have been suitably designed to support compliance objectives, complied with satisfactorily and placed in client environment.
  • Type II – Includes Type I Evaluation objectives plus detailed tests applied to regulatory requirements or best practices listed in the Compliance Testing Programs, to obtain evidence about their effectiveness in supporting or meeting these during a defined period. The specific controls and requirements plus the nature, timing, extent and results of the tests are detailed in the Reports of Compliance. The Compliance Labs analyst tests as described in the Compliance Testing Programs to provide reasonable assurance that the regulatory requirements or best practices specified in the Compliance Testing Programs are covered with sufficient effectiveness.

Compliance Testing Programs

Compliance Labs has developed credible and objective Compliance Testing Programs drawing on the expertise of companies, product vendors, and associations across the industry, addressing common risks for each product. The Compliance Testing Programs are applicable between products and can therefore be used for assessing, and comparing products.

The Compliance Testing Programs are appropriate and applicable to a wide range of products while also being considered useful and appropriate for individuals who rely on Compliance Labs testing to select and understand a product with confidence.

Compliance Testing Programs cover the following regulatory requirements and best practices:

The Compliance Testing Programs are continuously updated to address constantly evolving compliance requirements and risks, effectively supporting drive of on-going and new risk reduction efforts over time.


  • Provide independent, vendor neutral compliance testing
  • Support drive of on-going and new risk reduction efforts over time
  • Increase end-users' and companies' trust and confidence
  • Cost effective testing and continuous auditing process
  • Reduce costs and the time required for testing and choosing the best products
  • Anticipate the identification of product issues before companies do
  • Accurately identify compliance capabilities of a specific product